Using Social Media for Content Marketing Ideas


Social Media for Content Marketing IdeasIn case you didn’t already know, using social media for content marketing ideas is one of the best ways to ensure your messaging is aligned with your target demographics. Finding the right tone and topics is much easier when you can actually see what a person in a particular niche or industry cares about. Content marketing is nothing new, but using social search in combination with keyword demographics to develop a highly refined content marketing strategy is.

I would like to think most people these days understand the value of quality content. Good content can be used to educate clients, create awareness and to drive traffic to websites and other media outlets. The practice of creating and curating content to build loyalty and visibility for a brand / product is generally referred to as content marketing. Inbound marketing like social media, pay per click advertising, organic seo and email as well as content marketing work in symphony to achieve a common goal: Conversions.

How Do Social Media and Content Marketing Achieve Sales Conversions?

Blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, webinars and videos are various forms of marketing content. The main goal of this type of marketing is to establish the company as a leader in the industry by building trust, credibility and informing the public of its products and services. Through content, relationships can be established with customers. When loyal relationships are established, customers are more likely to buy products or services. The concept is simple, the tough part is developing quality content that converts.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr give you an opportunity to engage directly with potential customers. Conversation happen easily and with little resistance, provided you are genuine. The right conversations can actually help companies develop better products and / or services if they use these outlets correctly. Many companies use social media as an extension of their customer service channels with great success. With better products and services, the sales process becomes easier because companies are selling to a group of people who helped to develop items according to their preferences.

Companies that are new to this concept must know how to use it effectively to get the most out of the experience. Most experts recommend that companies follow industry conversations online. This practice will help business owners learn about the trends in the industry and the concerns of customers who use similar products or services.

Determine what your customers discuss aside from your company. This will provide insight into how you can improve the company’s product or service. It will also provide insight into how to tailor your company’s sales and marketing strategy. This can be beneficial to companies who want to make sure marketing budgets are allocated towards customers who will make frequent purchases.

As a general rule of business, companies should pay attention to current events and trends on television, social networks and RSS feeds for information that could effect their market. Many companies can look at a news story and determine how the event will affect their consumers. When media sites are linked to content relating to an event that could affect your company’s product, this will usually generate interest and traffic to your website. In some instances, it may lead to sales conversions.

How Does Social Media and Content Marketing Work Together?

Social media is an excellent vehicle for providing content awareness. Many companies post links on Twitter or Facebook for all the members of the community to view. Content can be used to facilitate conversations that may gain more interest in products or services and compel customers to buy. The content may be related to a topic that necessitates the need for a product or service. Through information, customers become aware of why they need what the company sells. Many customers prefer this method of selling over other methods of selling because it seems less invasive and more consultative.

Content marketing can also be driven by conversations held on Facebook or Twitter. Many marketing strategists follow an individual’s Twitter feed to determine what the customer talks about aside from their company’s product or service. The insight can shape the decisions made by the company when developing a marketing strategy. If, for instance, a customer makes comments about a particular computer, and the company has noticed that the customer also spoke about VoIP, the company may create computer features to make it easier for customers to participate in VoIP conversations. For a list of useful and free social search tools that you can use to uncover content marketing ideas, see my previous post on the topic 5 Free Social Search Tools.

Social Media Yields Content Ideas

By following trends and conversations discussed on forums, content ideas may be generated and discussed. The conversations can generate traffic and potentially convert sales. Consider how social media can be used to generate content marketing ideas and potentially, increase revenue through sales conversions.

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