Switch Commerce


The financial services industry is one of the most competitive verticals in the online space. That’s OK, we like challenges. Switch Commerce approached us in need of high touch graphic design services for their various web properties. We went into the lab and came back with a set of custom web designs that provided a scalable theme architecture utilizing the power of WordPress multisite and the Thesis framework. They have been very happy with the results and continue to grow their online presence in the ATM processing and Credit Card Processing industry.

Armstrong Kellett Bartholow


AKB came to us looking for an upgrade to their current web property. They already had their branding in place but needed a site that was more user-friendly and really showed off what they were capable of. They came to us and we started drawing inspiration from the people they work with. They work specifically with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and really wanted to emphasize that these people were not alone and wanted colors and a layout that would be more uplifting and hopeful. We decided to go with a comforting palette of blues and tans with a slight hint of purple.

KBM Group


KBM Group had a great website design already in place along with their branding but the backend of their site was degraded and having problems. We gutted their previous install and redesigned the whole infrastructure to make it accessible and easily updatable to their web team. We also helped reorganize their whole site infrastructure and even update the navigation to make it more dependable and intuitive. Now they can manage their site much easier.

Stevens Transport


Stevens Transport came to us initially needing help on their web property. There previous website was great and had lasted them along time but they needed something that was updated with their branding. Since that initial meeting we have helped Stevens not only build a new website but also consolidate some of their other properties. We updated their website to be congruent with their new truck paint jobs and new color palette. We built a top down system that they can now manage internally.

Melissa ISD


Melissa ISD needed a website that could consolidate all of their schools and news into one site that could be easily accessed by the parents, teachers and student body for all their needs. We helped restructure their content and build a site that could be easily managed internally. Since their site is not based around lead generation we focused more on content delivery and how the users navigated the site. They needed a quick solution that would last.

Benefit Corp


BenefitCorp is a commercial insurance company that provides businesses and individuals with different types of insurance ranging from home to life insurance. They needed a new website that was simple and effective. They didn’t want much flash and wanted to get straight to the point. They already had their branding and ideas in line and we helped facilitate that to completion. They needed a place where they could drive new customers to signing up.

Cooper Installation Services


Cooper installation services is a certified Home Depot Vendor that specializes in floor installations, metal sheds and cabinet refacing. They needed a web site that could be accessed by clients, installers and home depot employees alike. They needed it to cover all of their services while providing support to anyone who may need it. Since they dealt directly through Home Depot tying their backend system to the front end was most important.

Deep Ellum Social


Deep Ellum Social is one of AXZM’s hyper local products that we developed to help connect our local neighborhood. The community provides a place for users to log in, set up an account, interact and even obtain deals on products in the neighborhood. Also includes a detailed directory that highlights the businesses and events in the area. We wanted a brand that was fun and light well still maintaining a sense of community.

DFW Skateboarding


DFW Skateboarding is one of AXZM’s hyper local properties that was geared towards our love of skateboarding and skateboarding culture. Dallas has many talented skateboarders that needed an outlet for them to connect and share videos. We wanted to create a place that was void of politics and could really highlight riders based on their skills and talents alone..



Emina Karamanovski, MD who specializes in emotional literacy came to us needing help with her WordPress blog, e-mail marketing, social media and overall online presence. She wasn’t sure how to tie it all together, but within 3 months of training she was sending her own newsletters, posting her own blogs then re-purposing them as newsletters and more with ease.