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Mobile Design


As smart phones have become more prominent, companies are looking for unique solutions to reach their customers with mobile design through these devices. We have experience building layouts that can conform to tablets, netbooks and smart phones. Often times these layouts are special unto themselves because the content is restructured to enhance the experience on whatever device the content is being delivered too.

True mobile design considers the restrictions that the user is working with on their particular device and caters to that. For instance, if you know a user will be on a smart phone then they will most likely be looking for specific information about your business like products, phone number and address. Knowing this in advance the mobile version is an evaluation of what information users will want when using different devices and developing content in that direction.

A New Approach to Mobile Design

Preparing a mobile site is not easy. There are many ways to develop a mobile design but the most effective is to plan for mobile first. This is a mobile design concept that has gained lots of traction in recent years. It is the belief that by building the mobile site first and making the hard decisions on what content is truly important to the consumer and what isn’t it will give you a handle on how content should be structured. Once this has been decided not only will it give you a starting place for your mobile website but it will give you a hierarchy of important for the content on your full website as well. By taking this approach one ensures that the experience across all devices is optimized specifically for that device.

Responsive Mobile Design

Responsive Design is an area of web design that is currently gaining popularity. Responsive Design approaches web design and mobile design from the position that one site should be responsive towards all devices and conform to fit them. Instead of creating a mobile version of your site and a static version you should create one version that collapses to cater to all devices. Think of responsive web design like water. It conforms whatever you put it into. While this isn’t technically only meant for mobile it does effect how your site is developed and displayed in mobile devices so it good to consider whether you want a responsive design or a separate mobile design for your web site. This site is responsive. If you would like an example resize your browser window and see how it effects the structure and the content.