Link Building: What Gives A Link its True Value?


The SEO industry is always very social and active online. There are numerous search engine optimization blogs out there providing tips to people like you to improve your on-going SEO campaigns. For the folks out there exercising their SEO strategies daily you may come across a lot of content that has been scraped, butchered and slapped together simply for the potential SEO value.

For all those fresh faces jumping into SEO, you will easily start to uncover countless top 10 lists, SEO best practices, and tutorial blogs. Sometimes you just have to simplify things and understand what the public really wants to know and that’s why I have created this blog that defines what gives a link its true value?

In terms of search engine optimization, there is never a definitive solution to all the problems you may encounter along your journey to the top of the search results. Any decent SEO will tell you there are literally 100’s of different factors that are weighed in to determine your search engine rankings based upon the search engine’s ever-changing algorithm. Some of these factors carry more weight than others and through my experiences you really get to know more about these factors by trial and error.

Does Your Links Have the Ability to Draw Regular Visitors?

Understanding what determines an outstanding link is essentially the most substantial factor to know when learning search engine optimization, as much of what has the capability to draw regular visitors. Understanding what exactly makes a good link requires experience through trial and error with link profile analysis, which can hopefully be executed more efficiently by these guidelines to go by.

Does Your Links Draw Visitors From Your Targeted Geo-location?

What this may mean is that your linking site URL has the country code top-level domain of the country for which you are targeting to boost your traffic. If you prefer not to use country code top-level domain method, then perhaps you can use another method has can be used for your website to clearly pinpoint your geo-targeted audience like adding your location in your URL structure.

As an example, for an Australian SEO company looking to build their clientele, a linking blog in is much better than, as the first choice is centered around the Australian demographic.

Does Your Link Acquisition Have an Audience?

If a website isn’t familiar to you, maybe it can be located on other well-known websites or reputable niche directories. Even a small, active audience can be of great value, and a great seal of quality.

How does the site being evaluated fare in search for their core terms?  Does the site have a detailed and open “About Us” or “Company Bio” page, which may even offer visitor statistics?

Does Your Visitors Have Access to Content Like Yours Easily?

Lets say your website sells car accessories online and you acquire a link in a blog with content pertaining to the automotive industry. It is quite possible that particular link could drive some nice traffic from visitors relevant to your business. Additionally, if the site on which the linking page sits is also relevant to your industry, then that makes it even better but not always imperative in some cases.

But is there an issue if you acquire a link from a local news publication online, instead of a website about the automotive industry that links to a web based voucher-offer that is valid to your car accessory store, in the same area the local newspaper targets? Absolutely not because the regional relevancy and linking page content relevancy will certainly be valid and may increase the possibility of obtaining the kind of visitors you want.

 Does Your Visitors Click on Friendly Links To Find You?

Ponder on this for a second. Have you ever clicked on a websites footer links? How often do you actually do that? Now think about how often you click a link on a blog that would appear to be about to link to a page with relevant and more detailed information; or a link in content that is the appears to what the content is centered around. You can easily spot which kinds of links are ideal when approaching links with that in mind.

You Can’t Easily Fake Your Websites Visitor Activity

Based on a rule of thumb, there must be some level of interaction and activity from websites visitors. This is something you just can’t easily fake. On-page factors such as pagerank can be easily manipulated by any black hat SEO so that isn’t always a good factor to use when judging a website on its relevancy.

In a Nutshell

So we all may have different opinions on what makes link valuable and there are some exceptions to many things in regards to SEO, the fact still remains that my thoughts on what makes a link valuable a fact many newbies in search engine optimization can digest and understand and to me that’s important.

I would also like to point out that my thoughts above will not always guarantee a link that drives high-quality traffic and will always be considered a clean link, however I can’t imagine an easier approach to link building that can prevent huge mistakes.

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