Austin Web Design

Austin Web Design


Austin Web Design is our forte at AXZM. It is one of our favorite practices and is the staple of our business. To put it simply, we help businesses build the websites they need. Nothing more and nothing less. We like websites to be as simple as they will allow and we stick to that. Whether you need a small Austin web design for your mom and pop business or a large scale e-commerce website that can accommodate the needs of an enterprise business, we can assist you.

Utilizing the latest LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) architecture and extensive experience in WordPress Web Design, Drupal Web Design, Joomla Web Design as well as Magento Ecommerce Web Development, we know how to operate the latest open source platforms to make your website manageable and successful. We also stay up to date on the latest web standards and languages to keep your site future proof. We faithfully try the newest methods and test them out so you can have the latest and greatest Austin web design without your site quality suffering or degrading in outdated browsers.

Austin Open Source Web Design

Open Source is the new face of the web. Open Source is a new approach towards software development that is characterized by total transparency in process and allows peers to review and help fix the software platform. This creates a community and an open database of information that is always being updated and added on to. No longer are the days of proprietary software where companies spend an arm and a leg and continue doing so to update their systems. Now they are free and so are the updates. This allows you to spend more time on the objectives that count, marketing and lead generation.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is not the main focus of all web design. It depends on your vertical and what you want to accomplish with your web site but let’s be honest… if you build a website you want people to come to it, right? Of course. And if you are a business you would love to see that traffic convert into leads and even sales! Over the years, AXZM has built many sites for small businesses and have helped participate in growing these businesses. We have seen what works and what doesn’t work and apply it faithfully to our designs. We can help you and give you the advice you need to make your website work for you.